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The Foster & Banks Walk in Faith Foundation will look to compete by being a one-stop shop and networking hub while also providing in-house services that specifically identify development issues and take a holistic approach to the care of individuals. 

As a non-profit organization that offers a wide variety of services and support to children and their families through five initiatives specializing in disability and crisis support, speech and language therapy, youth wellness, as well as learning and career programs, The Foster & Banks Walk in Faith Foundation is involved at the intersection of many different industries.

Substance Abuse and Mental Health

The Foundation is involved in the substance abuse and mental health clinics industry. Our future goals are to provide a range of mental health services for adults, teenagers and children, including the following: individual psychotherapy; family and couples therapy; group therapy; medication evaluation and consultation; and psychological testing. 

Disabled Services Closely related to but altogether a very different industry than the substance abuse and mental health clinics industry, the disabled services industry provides non-residential social assistance services to improve the quality of life for those individuals with disabilities. Our future plans include providing for the welfare of these individuals in such areas as day care, nonmedical home care or homemaker services, social activities, group support and companionship.

Youth Programs and Miscellaneous Care Facilities Due to the wide-breadth of the services and support that the Foundation offers, it is also involved in the youth programs and miscellaneous care facilities industry. This industry provides residential facilities and camps that allow disadvantaged and disabled youth to receive care and accommodation simultaneously.We are currently working with other organizations in this arena and in the future we plan to be able to also provide some services to adults, although the primary focus is on provision of services to the younger demographics. The primary service of this industry is youth programs, which includes boot camps for troubled youths or at-risk youths.  

Family Counseling and Other Social Services Not only targeted at the at-risk child and adolescent market, The Foster & Banks Walk in Faith Foundation looks to work with families by providing counseling and other social services.  Organizations in this industry are primarily engaged in providing non-residential individual and family social assistance services (except those specifically directed toward children, the elderly, persons diagnosed with mental retardation, or persons with disabilities).

Job Training and Career Counseling Lastly, through partnerships and collaborative efforts the Foundation is involved in the job training and career counseling industry. We are implementing programs that provide vocational rehabilitation or habilitation services, such as job counseling, job training, and work experience, to the youth, unemployed and underemployed persons, persons with disabilities, and persons who have a job market disadvantage because of a lack of education, job skill, or experience.

Although typical competition exists, the Foundation plans to be a complementary offering to existing programs and services provided to families and their children who are considered to be at-risk, or that have developmental or learning disabilities.  With the disconnect existing in the social services arena concerning available help for children, adolescents and young adults with disabilities, there is plenty of need for an organization to help families and children from start to finish.